How to Stop a Saint Bernard Dog or Puppy Chewing

Owning a Saint Bernard is a fun and exciting experience.  No matter whether you get your new addition to the family as a puppy or an adult dog, there may be some issues that you need to work through.  Chewing is one of the most common bad habits that dogs have especially when they are teething.  If you do not do anything about this situation it can lead to much unwanted chewed up personal articles.

Establish some ground rules

The first thing you need to do when you get your Saint Bernard is to establish some ground rules.  Show your dog where he or she will be sleeping.  This helps your dog to get settled and feel secure.  Dogs like to have their own space especially when it comes to sleeping.  Some people like to use a crate and others like to use a dog bed or large pillow.  Your dog should also have his own toys to play with and chew on.  This way your pooch will not want to get into your things and chew them up.

Correct your dog immediately

When your dog starts to chew on something he isn’t supposed to you need to stop him immediately and redirect him to one of his own chew toys.  This will help to show him what is acceptable to chew ob and what is not.  Saint Bernard’s learn very fast so by showing your dog what is his and what is not will not take long at all.  They key is to being consistent.  Never let your dog chew on your for fun as this will only teach him that people are human chew toys.

If you have an adult dog and you find that you are having chewing problems then you need to handle things a bit differently.  Many times adult dogs will chew is they are upset.  This often comes with separation anxiety.  Your dog is one of the family, and he misses you when you leave.  Some dogs do not like to be alone and they will act out the second you walk out the door.  You may come home and find that you have newspaper or tissue all torn up or possibly something worse.

Understand Your Dog or Puppy and Help

Once you find out what is bothering your pooch, you can help him or her to work through the problem.  Many times people make the mistake of giving their pet extra attention right before they leave the house.  This just makes your dog anxious as they know you will be leaving.  Rather than giving your dog extra attention, pull yourself away.  Do not spend so much time with your pet.  It can also help to give him or her something to chew on or a special treat when you leave so that he or she will associate your departure as a thing to look forward to.  Rawhide treats work well as it gives them something to do for a little while after you leave rather than chewing on your personal items.  Also try to leave on the radio or the television so that your pooch hears human voices in the background, helping him feel less alone.


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