Keep Your Dog In Yard Without Fence

Using a traditional fence for dogs is losing its popularity. People searching for a way to keep their dog in the yard without a traditional fence. And finally, technology does the tricks for them. Now, you can use invisible fences to keep your dog in the yard without a fence.

There are two types of solution. At first, scientists came with a solution with wired fencing system. But after more and more research, now wireless dog fences are invented. Both are invisible dog fences. But wireless dog fences are easy to install and maintain.

What is An Invisible Dog Fence

Underground Electric Dog Fences

Underground electric dog fences use an electric wire to create the fence. The electric wire is put under the ground around the area to cover. And connected to the main transmitter. From the transmitter, the electric current runs through the wire and create an invisible electromagnetic field. This creates the boundary.

Watch this video how electric wire put underground.

Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless dog fences spread radio signal to create a boundary. Generally, it covers a circular area. The total area it covers is adjustable.

Shock Collar

Both systems use a shock collar to receive the signal and give the dog a warning when he goes outside the fence. Generally, few static correction levels with a tone-only mode used as a warning.

This way invisible fences can keep the dog in the yard without a fence.

How Effective This Invisible Fence System Is?

peekaboo-1410510-639x870Traditional fencing had some problems. Most of the time dog wants to jump over the above ground fence. Sometimes the dog tries to dig and escape underneath. Also, the overall looking of the house also becomes ugly with an above ground fence.

But ou can keep full trust on an invisible dog fence. An invisible fence overcomes all these problems and keeps your dog inside the yard perfectly.

For better result, you have to train your dog properly. Better training can give you the best output.

The benefits

First of all, you can install an invisible fence easily. For wireless dog fence, it needs only 1 hour to install the fence. For an electric underground fence, you need more time. Because you have to bury the wire around your playground. But still, you can do all the task in one day.

Doesn’t need frequent maintenance. Once you install the invisible fence, it can work for a long time without any maintenance.

You can adjust the boundary on your need without destroying the overall look of your house. Sometimes you want to restrict your dog at the middle of your playground. You can’t put an above ground fence there. The unique solution is inground or wireless fencing.

You can take the fence with you. So, not only you are keeping your dog in the yard without a fence but also you are carrying the fence with you. As a result, when you are outside you can put a boundary for your dog too.

Check this practical demonstration of dog fence.

Things To Know Before Buying An Invisible Fence

Before buying an invisible dog fence you have to know all its pros and cons. You have to know your specific needs. And have to find out which one is the best invisible fence for you?

For this, you don’t have to read all product specification of available invisible fences. There are tons of reviews of invisible dog fences on the internet. Just read some before you buy. I hope you’ll get the answer.

Final Verdict

Invisible fencing is the most common method of keeping your dog inside your yard without using a traditional fencing. You simply can buy an electric fence and install. Don’t waste your time putting an above ground fence. Electric fences work great.





How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

Dogs like to jump up on people. However, there are some dog owners who actually encourage this kind of behavior. They should keep in mind that not everyone likes dogs and that their dog should not jump up on everyone that they encounter.

Even though it may seem cute when they are still puppies, it can really pose a problem as they become full grown dogs.

Why jumping on people is bad?

The problem with this is as the dog gets older, they weigh more. The more the dogs weigh, the more dangerous jumping on people can be. Since there are lots of people that don’t like dogs, they will not appreciate one jumping on them and possibly knocking them down.

If it’s a small child, it’s even worse. The child could be seriously injured due to the weight of the dog. The dog owner could be in serious trouble, regardless if it’s their child or not that got hurt.

Whether it’s an adult or a child, you could find yourself with a lawsuit if you have not trained your dog to stop doing that.

Training procedure to stop your dog from jumping on people

The best time to teach him not to jump on other people is when the dog is still young. It’s easier to train them and you won’t have the trouble that you would if the dog were older because it’s a basic command for dogs.

Once you allow them to jump on other people, it can be difficult as the dog gets older and then you try to curb it. Their behavior pattern is already set and can be difficult to break.

The way to do this is when they try to jump on someone, put their feet back on the floor in a gentle and firm manner. You can reward and encourage them as they continue to obey you.

As you are encouraging your pet, you must be at eye level with them. The dog will take you seriously when they see that you are providing direct contact at their level. You can continue to reinforce this as much as you need to.

Here is a nice video by Zack George teaching his dog not to jump on youtube.

Make sure that everyone knows the rules and does not encourage the dog to allow jumping on them. It can be confusing if you have one person getting irritated and another allowing the dog to jump on them.

The standard must be consistent, regardless of who it is.

Update: Here is a great article on The Human Toll From Dog-Dog Aggression

5 easy and basic commands for dogs

You might wondering how to train easy and basic dog commands to your dog. It really easy and you don’t have to be a master to train your dog. You can do it from home in a few days. I’ll show you step by step procedure training 5 easy and basic commands for dogs.

Create relationship between you and your dog

Before starting the training it is very much necessary to create an understanding between you and your dog. You should know how your dog feels and approach this way. If you can teach him in a playing mood then your dog will learn faster.

You shouldn’t push it hard, slowly teach your dog. Let’s start.

Basic commands for dogs

Here is the list of 5 easy and basic commands for dogs.

  1. Sit
  2. Come
  3. Stay
  4. Down
  5. Walk

Train your dog to Sit

Training your dog to sit is the easiest method among above 5 commands. But this command is very useful because once your dog starts sitting on command then you can teach him more self control. For an example if the doors are open your dog can easily learn that then he can’t go outside.

Here is 7 training steps to teach your dog to sit:

  1. Get down to your dog’s eye level
  2. Hold a treat close to his nose and move upwards
  3. This will make your dog to lower his but
  4. And when moving the treat say sit
  5. When your dog sits perfectly then praise him
  6. Repeat this process several times everyday
  7. Don’t forget to say sit command during the procedure

Train your dog to come

Just imagine you are calling your pet to come over you and your dog is running towards you to get a hug. Isn’t it beautiful? To get this result you have to teach your dog “come” command.

Here is the steps to teach your dog “come” command:

  1. Put a collar on your dog’s neck and clip a line
  2. Holding the line, try to walk
  3. Your dog will move with you too, and soon he’ll realize that you two are connected
  4. Sometimes try to go backward to teach your dog to follow you
  5. After few days add the command word “come” when you are walking

You can check out this “come” command teaching video on youtube.

How you’ll train your dog to stay

StaySometimes you might want your dog stay calm and don’t move from it’s place. You can easily teach this to your dog just teaching him the stay command.

Steps to teach stay command:

  1. Put a leash and command your dog to sit in front of you
  2. Show your palm to command him stay
  3. Then you start moving
  4. If your dog stay at the same place then praise him
  5. If he try to move create a sound like “no no no no ” or “uh uh”
  6. Repeat this process everyday

Down command training

  1. Hold a tasty treat in your hand and close your hand
  2. Let your dog feel the treat
  3. Then closing your hand put over your dog’s muzzle
  4. Now move your hand towards floor, your dog’s mouth will follow
  5. Now move your hand, your dog’s body will be lower
  6. Finally give the treat to your dog to eat
  7. Repeat this process everyday

Train your dog to walk on leash

During the sit and come command your dog already get familiar with leash. But now time to teach him walk beside you gently.

  1. Attach his leash to his collar
  2. Holding treats and leash in your hand try to walk
  3. Forwarding your left foot signal your dog to follow
  4. If he succeed then give him a treat and praise
  5. If he go forward than you, then stop until leash tension make him turn around
  6. When he turn around praise him
  7. Repeat the procedure to teach him perfectly

Your turn

You see teaching your dog is not rocket science. I hope you understand every step. Repeat these training everyday. Remember training will make your dog more obedient.